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In 1912, a handful of Polish immigrants began a Minyan in a small home on Cannon Street in downtown Hamilton. Several years later,they succeeded in erecting a beautiful synagogue edifice at that same location.

As time marched on, the Jewish community began to emigrate from the downtown core and their goal was to relocate to the West End of Hamilton. Their vision was grand,with the building of a magnificent synagogue in Westdale that would accommodate 400 families. For many, the dream seemed impossible – particularly for the working class ‘Poilishe’ to accomplish. Under the leadership of the Building Campaign Chairmen, Max Hoffman & Sam Katz, together with their new spiritual leader, Rabbi Mordechai Green, the initiative began. In October 1961, the dream became a reality. Dignitaries and distinguished Jewish leaders from across the world gathered as the new Adas Israel was inaugurated. 

The path to our present has been marked by many noteworthy miracles. For a more complete history watch our Centennial  Video - CLICK HERE

To read our Centennial Book, click on the image in right column of this page.

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