Adas Israel Membership


The Adas is an open community that constantly embraces new members.

Adas Membership is the single most important source of revenue that supports our vibrant programing, growth trajectory, majestic facilities, and operating budget.

More fundamentally, membership is statement of identification with our community and a declaration of partnership to a scared mission that began at Sinai 3,300 years ago.

We are striving to achieve a membership rate among participants of 100%. Concurrently, we recognize that every person's financial position differs. Our suggested minimal family membership rate is $1,000 per year (or monthly installments of $83.33). While most members exceed that rate, we are sensitive that some may not be in the position to afford this entry level rate. We are committed to welcoming all members of the Jewish faith and to facilitating the budgetary constraints of each individual or family.

To book an appointment to become member please contact Rabbi Chanan Weiser at 905-528-0039 or


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